The reality of starting your own Business.

The reality of starting your own Business.

Starting a business is a fantastic way to be your own boss, achieve your dreams and enjoy greater flexibility. However, it does involve hard work, frustrations and often many setbacks. Before you start on your journey to entrepreneurship consider the realities you may face.


When starting out on your business venture, your income will change dramatically. Starting a business requires an investment of money and constant investment back into the business. Even if your business is making a profit, can you sacrifice funds from the business to pay yourself a salary? Even if you can afford a salary from the profits, the frequency can vary.


Being employed and running a business are totally different things. The hours dedicated to running and growing a business may consume you more than you expect. This will have an effect on your loved ones. Long hours, little personal income and the inability to afford holidays can decrease the amount of quality time spent with your family.


Are you actually cut out to be a Boss? Starting a business requires many skills. Understanding the type of person you are and your personality will help you. How do you work under pressure, do you have a positive attitude, can you handle rejection, do you enjoy interacting with other people. These questions can help you decide if you are ready to start a business.


Starting and running a business, you may need to sacrifice your personal goals. Going on that dream holiday, paying off the house early or spending more time with your family may have to wait as your business grows. Eventually these goals will become reality, as your business is big enough to run with little input from you.

Your First Step was created to give like-minded, motivated people the opportunity to own their own business, be their own boss and to control their own destiny.

We understand that everyone has a different motivation for wanting to run their own business. Whether you’re looking to escape the corporate world, achieve better balance in your life, follow a passion, escape the daily traffic, or simply spend more time with your family – there is no RIGHT reason for wanting start a new business, there is only YOUR reason, and that’s all that matters.

From ‘Concept to Customer’, we will be with you every step of the way. Often, a wrong step in the early stages of starting a new business can have considerable, expensive consequences. Thus, Your First Step is all about making sure you not only start out correctly, but that you start as you intend to go on.

We are here from YOUR FIRST STEP right through to handover and post-sale support.

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