Help Create Safe Workplaces

Looking to start your own successful Test and Tag Business?


Starting your own Test and Tag Business will allow you to spend more time with the family, earn the income you deserve and take control of the direction of your life forever!

Stop letting someone else dictate your income and control your life, imagine never having to answer to anyone ever again.

If you enjoy being active, meeting new people and you’re driven and passionate, starting a test and tag business is a great choice to get into the lucrative services industry.

Occupational Health and Safety is at the forefront of every business, and electrical Test and Tagging is becoming an essential practice. Testing and Tagging electrical equipment, plugs and connections ensures all electrical appliances are in good working order and are safe to use.

A regular, comprehensive Test and Tag program helps reduce business risk, improves employee safety and in some instances ensures legal and regulatory compliance.

Capitalise on the growing awareness of and necessity for safe workplaces by starting, owning and running your own Test and Tag business.

Your First Step will help you start, grow and own your own test and tag business and provide you a complete concept to customer business with everything you need to be successful within a month.

From professional product & equipment, right through to branding, training, support & more.

We can also include your Licensing & Insurance*

We work closely with you and can tailor a test and tag business package specific to your requirements and budget.

*(If Applicable)

About You

The most common question we get asked is… ‘I’ve never done this before – do you think I will be able to do it!?’

The simple and honest answer is YES!

Your First Step will provide you with the necessary training and qualifications needed to run a successful Test and Tag business. Follow up support is always available depending on your specific needs.

If you are willing to learn, have attention to detail, get satisfaction from a job well done and relish the variety and challenge that every new day may bring – this is the perfect business for you.

Plus… your potential income is unlimited, many business owners earn between $500 to $1000 per week & not having to pay ongoing fees means the profit you make remains yours, to grow your business, not ours!

With our packages, we take you from concept to customer & provide you all the tools necessary to be successful.

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Why Choose Us?

We take the hassle out of Starting a Business.

You have absolute freedom to set your own hours, around your family and lifestyle.

You’re not restricted to a location, so you can operate your business where you want.

The Business we build is 100% yours from day 1.

We are NOT a Franchise, so you never pay Franchise or Royalty Fees – all the profit you earn, remains yours to grow your Business.

No Lock in Contracts.

Our Business Model allows you to grow your business as big as you dare.

You can earn the income you desire, when you want – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – unrestricted.

We provide you Complete Training, Support, Mentorship and Guidance.

Our Test and Tag Business Package is completely turnkey from $16,107 or we can tailor a package specific to your requirements and budget.

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  • Comprehensive Project Plan
  • Business Name
  • Branding
  • Business Insurances & Licensing*
  • Registrations and Compliance
  • Equipment & Product
  • Website / Email
  • Uniforms / Business Cards
  • Business Guide
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Financial Assistance
  • Post Sale Support